I AM LIFE by Mikel Camara is a video project in which the photographer sought to capture his vision of life as a process of birth, death and rebirth. Recorded at Eastwood Scoring Stage, Warner Bros., with the Hollywood Studio Symphony. 2013.



TARDE PARA MIRAR ATRÁS is a work by photographer Antonio Segura León, scholarship at the XIV Photography and Photo-Press Seminar, Albarracín. 2014



A LA HORA. EN EL LUGAR.” Multimedia wich condenses Eduardo Nave‘s work-proccess for taking the pictures of his book  “A la hora, en el lugar”. 2013



TOC TOC”. A spanish comedy short film by María Albert and Jose Vicente García Herrero. Co-composer. 2013

Here it is the trailer:



DESCENSO.” Poject by Pablo Chacón about a very serious problem in Spain. 2013



OJOS DE SOÑADOR is a film by Jose Vicente García Herrero recreated in the late nineteenth century that relates, in a poetical way, the meeting between a woman and her childhood through a strange and repetitive dream. Recorded with the Lliria Conservatory Orchestra. 2004

Opening credits:



Composer David Antolin Bio And Works